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Music Paradiso는 음원 콘텐츠를 누구나 전세계에 손쉽게 공유, 홍보 및 유통할 수 있는 on/offline 플랫폼입니다.

나의 음악을 세상에 알리고, 전 세계에 숨어있는 뮤지션들의 음악을 통해 그들과 교류, 소통하는 세상을 만들어보세요.


뮤지션 커뮤니티 및 정보 제공,
음원 유통 플랫폼 제공


자체 스튜디오 기반으로 음원 제작 및 유통 지원
( 17.3월 현재 20팀의 아티스트 제작 및 유통 완료 )

Music Paradiso는 아티스트의 권익이 보장되며,
뮤지션 중심의 투명한 수익 배분 구조를 지향합니다.


YOUR MUSIC beyond imagination

피드를 통해 실시간으로 올라오는 다른 뮤지션들의 영상을 시청할 수 있습니다. 쉽게 접할 수 없는 뮤지션들의 음악을 감상하고 그들의 팬이 되어보세요.

전세계 음원 업로드

Music Paradiso는 음악이 있는 모든 순간을 함께 공유할 수 있습니다. 나의 음악을 세상에 알리고, 전 세계에 숨어있는 뮤지션들의 음악을 통해 그들과 교류, 소통하는 세상을 만들어보세요.

비디오 업로드

뮤직 파라디소를 통해 유통된 음원을 연주,노래하여 영상으로 올려보세요. 피드의 영상에서 스트리밍 사이트로 연결하여 원곡을 감상할 수 있습니다.

파라디소 차트

파라디소 차트를 통해 뮤직 파라디소에서 유통되는 음원을 한 눈에 볼 수 있습니다. 또한 차트를 통해 멜론,벅스,네이버등 스트리밍 사이트로 연결할 수 있습니다.

뮤지션들과의 소통

동영상 업로드를 통해 버스킹,녹음 메이킹, 합주 등 음악이 있는 모든 순간을 공유할 수 있습니다. 장소와 시간의 제약없이 자신의 음악을 마음껏 연주해보세요.


Jenyer (Jeon Jiyoon)


  • - Release of 2nd single ‘Hello’ (2017.9.12)
  • - Previous member of idol ‘Four minutes’
  • - Multi-talented with strong vocal, rap and dance
  • - Expected to release another single and EP album within 2017
  • - Her first single ranked No. 1 in i-Tunes in Vietnam and Hungary
  • - 5 solo concerts in Japan in May 2017


  • - British artist
  • - Expect to release his 1st album in Oct 2017
  • - SNS star by busking live in Seoul (Regularly perform busking in the city)
  • - Frequent appearance on various TV programs
  • - Conducted solo-concert for around 1,000 audience
  • - Able to speak English, Japanese, Korean

Pak Sun Zoo

  • - 2 singles in 2017 with Music Paradiso
  • - Singer-songwriter with multiple hit songs
  • - Vocal trainer of top K-pop artists (Kim Bumsoo, BoA, Siayoonsu, Yoon mirae, etc.)
  • - Recording her new album for the 2nd half of 2017

Yoon Zo

  • - Singer-songwriter
  • - eleased his 1st single ‘Ponytail’ in July 2017
  • - First appeared on Superstar K
  • - Silver medal winner of Yoo-Jeaha music contest
  • - Vocal and guitar session for SAN-E, yang Dongkeun, Kim Kyungho, etc


  • - Singer-songwriter
  • - Released her 1st single album ‘Double You’ in August 2017
  • - Student of Seoul National University


  • - Husband and wife duo :
  • - Choi Jihoon (Husband) : Pianist of famous music TV programs , Kim yoon-a, Wave
  • - Seo Hyungju (Wife) : Twice, Sam Kim, Chung Seunghwan


  • - Singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • - Released his 1st single ‘That’s What I Want’
  • - Guitar session for Kim Wansun and various artists


  • - Singer-songwriter sister duo
  • - Released 5 regular album
  • - Lee Gilim (Elder sister) : Vocal and piano
  • - Lee Puroom (Younger sister) : Vocal and guitar
  • - First debuted on TV audition program Superstar K of Mnet station
  • - Focising on acoustic music based on folk and pop

HG Funktronic

  • - Electronic funk band with 6 members
  • - Pursue new genres combining electronic, jazz, funk, hip-hop
  • - Invited and participated in various global festivals
  • - 2016 : China (Baoding & Beishan Jazz Festival), Hongkong International Jazz Festival
  • - 2017 : Thailand (Bangkok), Ukraine. Brazil, German, Korea, etc.


  • - First appeared on the competition program Superstar K
  • - YerY band (2009~2014)
  • - Preparing for the first solo album focusing on dance and performance
  • - Talented singer with solid vocal and rap



  • - Band of famous Korean players
  • - Kim Sangwook (Bassist) : Bassist of Lee Seunghwan band
  • - Kim Eunchong (Guitarist) : Band ‘Autumn vacation’
  • - Released their 1st single in 2017

Moida Band

Hello, Goodbye

  • - Fusion pop band pursuing modern and sophisticated Urban Jazz Pop
  • - Sessions of famous singer Lee Eunmi
  • - Released their 1st album in 2006 and continuously performing their own music
  • - Collaboration with various genres including classic, Korean traditional music and pop, etc.


어디까지가 사랑일까

  • - Bassists released 3 official albums
  • - Pursuing warm music with sophisticated techniques
  • - Music performance based on various genres : Jazz, funk, electronics, hip-hop, etc.


I Know(baby)

  • - Singer-songwriter
  • - Electronic musician experimenting mysterious sound note


I’m a wanderer

  • - Band with Drum (Choi Hyuk), Bass (Jung Jiun) and Guitar (Kim Euncong)
  • - Recently released their 2nd album ‘You come’
  • - Combining hip-hop and R&B with traditional band music




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